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Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning
plus Sealing.

400 square foot minimum. Floors only.  
Ceramic floor tile cleaning only.  Call for questions or pricing on other
types of tile such as travertine, slate, quarry or saltilo clay tile.
We follow industry standards and use only the highest
quality products to do the job right.

truck mounted tile cleaning machines are made in
the USA
Any Ceramic Floor Tile & Grout Clean & Seal
Over 500 Square Feet.
Call us today, we'll be there tomorrow!
Renew Your Carpet Today!
A room is up to 250 sq ft.(carpeted).  Combined
areas count as two rooms.  Pre-treatment for stains
and high traffic areas included in steam cleaning.  
Our cleaning products are non toxic and safe for
children, pets and anyone with allergies.  Each flight of stairs is treated as a
room.  Never any hidden charges!  All workmanship
completely guaranteed to satisfaction. Not all stains
can be removed.  Travel Fees may apply.
Powerful Truck Mounted Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning
Affordable Carpet Cleaning Since 1985
                Residential & Commercial Disinfecting and Sanitizing Available              Need clean carpet? Call today
                                                                          Any 5 Rooms plus FREE Hall $99!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       *Dry Foam surface shampoo maintenance cleaning only.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       *$25.00 for each additional room*Travel Fees may apply.*Prices not valid on commercial property
Internet Special
Last two weeks!

Powerful 30 HP Truck Mounted
230 Degree Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning.

*  IICRC Certified Technician min. 5 years Experience
*  Furniture Moved & Replaced in living areas
*  Vacuum Baseboard Crevice by Hand
*  Power Pre-Spray for all Spots & Traffic areas
*  Pet Urine Treatment or Sanitizing Disinfectant
*  DuPont Carpet Protector
*  Carpet Speed Dry.  Dry in 2-5 hours
*  Halls & Baths Free.  Up to 2500 sq ft. (carpeted)
All inclusive. Up to 2500 sq ft (carpeted). No hidden charges. Our technicians have nothing to sell you.  
Includes up to 6 rooms or stairs. Hall & Baths Free  Includes Disinfecting, Deodorizer and Protective Coating.  
Additional rooms only $49.  Cannot be combined with other offers.  
Please allow up to 3 hours to complete this work. Travel Fees may apply.  Expires  2/28/23 Call 281-345-9700 to schedule.
Reg $499. On Sale Now Only  $299!

For the deepest most thorough cleaning ever!  Uses no brushes, glides on carpet while extracting
dirt. Dry in as little as 2 hours.  230 degrees of hot steam carpet cleaning!  Call for more details!
Upgrade to   ROTOVAC
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Upgrade to   ROTOVAC
Pet odor removal
Bacterial Enzyme Deodorizer and
Protective coating at additional cost
$30.00 per room
100% Satisfaction guarantee
(281) 345-9700
IICRC Certified Technicians
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Powerful Truck Mount
Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning


3 Rooms
4 Rooms
5 Rooms plus FREE Hall

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cleaning specials.
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