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Did you know that most furniture manufactures recommend
you clean your upholstered fabric every year or two?  This is
because dust particles can settle on your furniture just like the
keyboard on your computer.  Vacuuming helps to be sure, but
many times this dust gets stuck to the fabric because of oils in
our skin that attracts itself to your furniture.  As we sit on and
use our furniture over time this becomes abrasive and can have
a damaging effect on the fibers of our furniture.

If its been a few years since your upholstered fabric has been
professionally cared for, give us a call today.  Let our IICRC
trained technicians bring back the beauty of your furniture with
a professional deep cleaning.  Our technicians are trained to
care for all types of fabrics.
Insist on our number 1 recommended method of cleaning by carpet manufactures & the IICRC.   
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Deluxe Carpet Cleaning is trained to identify and clean hand knotted, hand woven flat
weave, tufted or hooked, needlepoint, braided, Flokati, and machine made rugs. This
includes all broadlooms, quality Persian and Oriental rug cleaning, Wools of New Zealand,
Maslands, Karastans, and more. Deluxe Carpet Cleaning is the name you can trust for
your high quality rug cleaning in Houston.

Your investment in quality rugs can last generations when properly maintained. Good
maintenance includes weekly vacuuming, quality padding under your rug to protect
against dirt penetration and wear, frequent rotation of rugs in high traffic areas ensuring
even wear, and professional rug cleaning every one to three years.

Call for Rug Cleaning Prices
Sofa                        $99.00
Loveseat                 $79.00
Arm Chair               $39.00
Ottoman                  $20.00
Any 5 Rooms plus FREE Hall $99!
*Dry Foam surface shampoo maintenance cleaning only.
                                                                                               *$25.00 for each additional room
*Travel Fees may apply. *Prices not valid on commercial property